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On Thumb Rules

I’ve been thinking back on my career in the biz and many of the beliefs that have guided me (sometimes without knowing it). I’m not claiming that any of these are mine, only that I like them.

These are in no particular order.

  • the perfect is the enemy of the good
  • always stand up for yourself
  • if you’re thinking your solution is too complex, it usually is
  • and: there’s almost always a simpler way to do something
  • there are a lot of bullshitters in the industry and spotting them is a good skill to develop
  • don’t be a bullshitter
  • add “i don’t know” and “no” to your vocabulary
  • “it depends” is the most accurate answer to almost any question
  • do the hard stuff
  • follow what interests you, not what’s trendy (sometimes the two coincide)
  • always be learning
  • go down rabbit holes
  • learn your tools
  • strive to continually learn lower-level abstractions
  • don’t take any shit from anybody

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